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Yoga classes in Plymouth, Devon

Why Exercise with us?

Welcome to Yoga Classes with Venita Botha in Plymouth, Devon. I offer a range of Yoga classes suitable for all levels.

Yoga is an ancient, classic, beautiful practice that will surely change your life.

You do not have to be flexible to do yoga. You don't have to be able to touch your toes or do the postures that you see on the covers of yoga magazines! Yoga is non-competitive and you will be
... encouraged to progress at your own pace.

Each class consists of postures (asana), controlled breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation and reflection (dhyana) and relaxation. We will explore and adapt different postures to make it safe, comfortable and beneficial to you.

The benefits are plentiful: you will feel more powerful, and you will have more energy as you stretch and breathe and move.
Chances are you will smile more, feel happier, healthier, sleep better and be more focussed. And the list goes on and Yoga works on physical, as well as mental and emotional levels. You will get to know yourself once again (and learn to be kind to yourself and others).

Through yoga you will make new friends and have fun!

I offer the following class options:
Group classes
Corporate (perfect option for lunch hour breaks)
Children's yoga

It is advisable to speak to your health care practitioner before you start any exercise program.
DBS Insured By: Yoga Alliance

DBS: Yes
Insured By: Yoga Alliance
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